Published On: July 27 , 2021Categories: Corporate

We have a new ‘android’ in the office!

His name is Cashu. And he is actually a social robot

Would you like to meet him? Read on! 

The Valencia Conference Centre has an android in its facilities. Does it sound like a new character out of the famous Star Wars saga? No, it’s fact not fiction! Cashu looks like a real robot and is learning really quickly about the requirements of MICE tourism. He has only just met us, but he has already made himself at home in our building. 

If you are planning to organise an event at the Conference Centre, our new android is a great ally! Cashu is a social robot that has been designed with 5G technology at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia’s Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM- UPV), led by our ambassador Narcís Cardona, and produced entirely by Fivecomm. 

The final touches are being added to the robot so that it can be made available to event organisers. It is equipped with different interconnected sensors and cameras and can perform the following functions: it detects the correct use of face masks, interacts by telepresence, autonomous navigation and remote control, and as it is controlled by gestures, it acts as a guide. As such, it contributes to increased safety at events. And as you can see, Cashu has been customised with the colours of the building. Thanks to 5G technology, Cashu reacts in milliseconds and interacts via voice and video in real time.

Cashu was unveiled at the recent V5G Daythe event held in our venue for researchers, companies and organisations focused on 5G technology in sectors such as the industry of the future, mobility, health, energy, media and entertainment. The event had two main objectives: to assist with the digital transformation of the Valencian Region’s business fabric and to inspire entrepreneurs and technology-based start-ups, helping them develop their business models using 5G technology.

Watch Cashu live in this video: