Published On: April 22 , 2022Categories: Corporate

Would you like to exhibit on a 100% sustainable stand?

We encourage you to organise your display with minimal environmental impac

Discover the Exhibitor’s Manual, and find out how to create your sustainable stand

Small gestures can have a great impact. This sentence is the leitmotif for our new Exhibitor’s Manual, in which we encourage you to create a 100% sustainable trade display. In this way, through the València Conference Centre you can contribute to the fulfilment of the SDGs and València’s strategy as a national and international benchmark for sustainable tourism.

And let’s go further! We offer the opportunity to create an event legacy, so that it can generate benefits that go beyond the end of the event and have a positive social impact on the community, enriching and completing the experience during your attendance at the venue.

We will help you to create a sustainable stand, from conception to dismantling

1. Make an accurate prediction of the goods that will be needed on the stand. In this way, you can reduce transport needs and packaging, generating less waste. As such, we recommend choosing packaging that can be used for both incoming and outgoing goods, encouraging its re-use, and we advise you to paper and cardboard as a filler.

2. Opt for sustainable materials which contribute to reducing the environmental impact of your event, such as wood, which will be continually re-used and can be repaired as necessary, and aluminium, which is 100% recyclable.

As they are made from PVC, carpets and canvasses will be recycled at the plastic disposal point. Foam is taken to a waste facility and on some occasions, we use excess material and extend its useful life as insulation for animal shelters or as a raw material for local artists.

Valencia Conference Centre also offers exhibiting companies a selection of furniture which we reuse for years. When we notice superficial flaws, we organise for it to be sent to another business or shop so it can continue to be of use.

If you have and questions please contact our operations area, which is in charge of creating the event with you.