Published On: April 1 , 2022Categories: Corporate

Would you like to meet the protagonist of our ‘Person of the Month’ section

This month is dedicated to Mónica Lull, employee of the Valencia Conference Centre, for her performance in 2021

Her proactivity and constant dedication at work, have led to her position on the homepage of our website

“Hello!” Regardless of the day, season or circumstances, Mónica Lull greets her colleagues at the València Conference Centre every morning with her ever-present smile and warm personality.

Monica Lull joined the team at the València Conference Centre 17 years ago. She works in one of the most important areas of the company, Operations: the department in charge of the organisation and coordination of national and international events which are of great importance and impact on society.

This is her day-to-day. But what has really made our colleague our ‘Person of the Month’ is her commitment and motivation in her work, beyond from the daily tasks she carries out. In recent years Lull has developed numerous initiatives which contribute to the strengthening of the València Conference Centre brand.

Self-taught and creative, she specialises in “pitching in” and “being ready to lend a hand” for whatever is needed. Among other activities, Mónica Lull has adapted the graphics for all the building’s publicity, as well as for our LED screens located at the entrance, and on the totems and lecterns of the auditoriums.

And we can go on! In addition, she has designed our digital screen campaigns, improved the presentation of some dossiers, such as the room capacity design, and has developed the Exhibitor’s Manual, which we have just launched on our website. Among her latest initiatives, the press room has been renamed “Room 9”.

This additional work she undertook throughout 2021 was done on a voluntary basis, because she saw a need and ‘it had to be met and improved on’.

Thank-you very much, Mónica! Congratulations!

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