Published On: January 10 , 2023Categories: Corporate

2022 brings a challenging seven-year period to a successful end.

Valencia Conference Centre over the last seven years. From 2016 to 2022.

On the cusp of its 25th year, the Valencia Conference Centre has experienced many changes, but has always known how to adapt and achieve the best performance. The time has come to weigh up everything we have achieved over this period of seven years, which is not insignificant. Within the strategic framework established at the Valencia Conference Centre, one of the greatest challenges was the complete elimination of financial debt that our venue had at the beginning of 2016, which amounted to 5,502,140 euros. We are now an economically and financially solvent building.

After achieving the first step, another of the great successes was achieving a state-of-the-art building thanks to the investments made. The total amount of investment in the 2016-2023 period is 6.928.773 euros and according to its nature, 85% of the capital has been invested in digitalisation, innovation and sustainability, our three main interests, in order to be at the forefront of technology and maintain our commitment to society.

And cutting-edge infrastructures, without a doubt, need a team that is prepared – our human capital is one of the most important assets of this venue. Staff are always learning, acquiring knowledge and skills, which helps them to give their best at all times.


As a result, the figures speak for themselves. The increase in business since 2016, taking into account the forecast for 2023, sits at 36% and the income from international activity has increased by 88% until 2022. We have completely recovered in-person events, moving past the pandemic period which hit business tourism hard. The International Association of Convention Centres awarded us World’s Best Convention Centre in 2018 for the second time in our history, thanks to the high levels of satisfaction for events organisation. And the forecast for 2023 is very optimistic, so much so that if expectations are met, this financial year, in which we become a quarter of a century old, may be our best ever.

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