Published On: March 25 , 2021Categories: Corporate

Another sustainability milestone for the Valencia Conference Centre

The aim is to convert the car park into a shuttle hub for sustainable public transport

It will connect the Valencia Conference Centre with the centre of Valencia

The Valencia Conference Centre is playing its part in the city’s move towards becoming a sustainable destination thanks to a new sustainable urban mobility initiative. As part of Valencia’s strategic sustainable framework, the Department of Tourism and Internationalisation and the Department of Sustainable Mobility have devised a new use for the building’s 600-space underground car park.

What would it be turned into?

It would become a park for vehicles entering Valencia from the northwest (it is currently estimated that 125,000 vehicles enter the city daily via this route). This ‘park and ride’ car park would be equipped with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and would encourage visitors to leave their vehicles in the car park and use sustainable transport. The proposed public shuttle service would use electric buses to connect the Conference Centre area to the transport interchange at Puerta del Mar, in the heart of the city. The estimated budget is €2.81 million.

What would the benefits be?

One of the project’s main objectives is to reduce pollution in the city, thus contributing to minimising the city’s carbon footprint and comply with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, by reducing traffic in the city, the spaces currently used to park vehicles could be converted into pedestrian areas.

What is the project’s current status?

This initiative has been submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to request funding. The project could be completed within 16 months of approval and would therefore see the light of day in 2023.