Published On: March 25 , 2021Categories: Corporate

The Conference Centre, a pioneer in certifying and verifying the footprint of its activities

This post tells you how the Sustainable Tourism Smart Label we have implemented in our building works

It is part of a global pioneering pilot sustainability project

Valencia is a global benchmark in sustainability and is ready to design the future through a strategy that focuses on innovation and competitiveness, with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the heart of its actions.

One of the most important sustainability challenges facing the city is the decarbonisation of the economy and the Valencia Conference Centre has joined a pilot project promoted by Valencia City Council and conducted by Global Omnium, which aims to make Valencia one of the world’s carbon neutral tourist destinations.

To achieve this, it has joined a pilot project included in Valencia’s sustainable tourism strategy. A major social, economic and environmental challenge.


A project based on blockchain technology

This project is based on smart labels that are powered by blockchain technology, which verifies and certifies the footprint of tourist activities in real time. This five-level calculation framework breaks down the information to the desired level and shows all the elements that have a direct and indirect impact on emissions. This label shows the most relevant information about the process of managing, controlling and reducing the activity’s carbon emissions, and can be personalised and configured easily, continuously and instantly.

A global commitment to sustainability in which the Conference Centre contributes to the development of an inclusive, integrated, sustainable and responsible tourism model.