Published On: February 28 , 2022Categories: Corporate

4 strategic pillars that sustain the Valencia Conference Centre

Creating unique experiences, sustainability as a benchmark, innovation, and customer service efficiency are our pillars

Learn all about our courses of action based on the strategic pillars

Valencia Conference Centre was created to adapt throughout time. The strength and versatility of its structural materials, such as concrete, make the building an enduring place which vigorously evolves over time.

Drawing on this architectural concept, the pillars have remained perfectly crescent shaped since the building’s foundation stone was laid. Soon, what started as a specific architectural concept, became part of the philosophy of the Conference Centre.

And so, our Strategic Plan 2021-2023 is laid down in four strategic pillars: the creation of unique experiences, sustainability as a benchmark, innovation and customer service efficiency. These four cornerstones will be implemented through the numerous lines of action we have set in motion this year.

Through our activities, we will generate an economic impact that brings value to our city, based on principles of profitability, competitiveness and efficiency. To this end we will continue our work, but under a new concept: The Era of Experience, with the goal of awakening the emotions of our public.

In 2022, we will focus on the competitiveness of the team. We will improve our customer relationship management, create new solutions in our innovation laboratory and submit our most recent innovations to forums with the aim of showcasing the latest trends to event organizers, along with our strategic allies, to be one step ahead and offer a full range of services.

We will also continue driving digitalization to improve the experience, encouraging actions that promote our commitment to the SDGs and supporting the transformation of events into sustainable experiences.

And the year has barely started!