Published On: August 21 , 2019Categories: Corporate

Have a great dining experience in our building

Networking and thrills through food are the keys to our cuisine

Networking and thrills through food are the keys to our cuisine

When we opened 21 years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine how the conference tourism industry was going to evolve. Many aspects have changed over these years, such as the way conference centre teams adapt to meet customer needs.

And there’s another thing which has been transformed, especially in recent years; the food served in conference centres, mainly due to the growing importance of international events.

Meals with all diners seated are history. Our customers, whether Spanish or from abroad, now opt for the most laidback working lunches and dinners. So, over recent years, we have sought to keep one step ahead of the market’s requirements and, in particular, we provide the versatility of the Conference Centre’s eating spaces.


What is the conference delegate expecting and looking for?

Networking and thrills. The customer seeks to engage with others and share dining experiences because cuisine brings people together. Our aim is to achieve their utmost satisfaction through a unique eating experience which remains etched in the memory, and on the palate, of conference organisers.

Our restaurant service features new product presentations which foster networking and a strategic layout of areas to enhance interaction between attendees.

Our cafeteria is one of the places which is ideal for networking and also impresses our customers. We recently renovated it to turn it into a venue where in addition to meeting up with colleagues you can also tuck into some outstanding food.

We seek to thrill and excite with our cuisine featuring premium quality products.

Product quality

We are located on the shores of the Mediterranean and have the great honour of showcasing our cuisine, the Mediterranean diet, which has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO and is one of the most popular customer requests when they come to our facilities. 

Vegetarian and vegan set meals, tapas, vegetable rice and fideuà pasta dishes are the hallmarks of our fare. And all of it is cooked and made on site in our own paella dishes.