Published On: February 21 , 2022Categories: Corporate

CEMAS director Vicente Domingo named ‘Person of the Month’

World Sustainable Urban Food Centre of València (CEMAS) and Valencia Conference Centre sign a collaboration agreement

Let us tell you how the Valencia Conference Centre plays a leading role in Valencia’s sustainable urban system

As you may already know, we have a section for Person of the Month on our blog, where we draw attention to our ambassadors, partners and strategic partners and to the team at the Valencia Conference Centre. This month we have selected Vicente Domingo, director of the World Sustainable Urban Food Centre of València (CEMAS), with whom we have just signed a collaboration agreement. Let us tell you why. 

We have just signed a collaboration agreement to encourage sustainable gastronomy in Valencia, to commit to ensuring food security, while paying special attention to nutrition, sustainable farming, social and environmental sustainability and laying the foundations to broaden understanding and enable the dissemination of best food practices among event organization companies and event attendees.

This way, through the promotion of healthy eating, clients of the Valencia Conference Centre contribute to the huge value of the event’s legacy.

How do we contribute to the development of a sustainable urban system in the city?

Our cuisine is evolving towards sustainable gastronomy at breakneck speed, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The cuisine at the Valencia Conference Centre focuses on guaranteeing sustainable and responsible models of production and consumption, and a healthy lifestyle to promote well-being for all. Among the most notable sustainable actions are the reduction of food waste, the promotion of local produce, and the Mediterranean diet, which was declared of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Another important facet of our cuisine, which contributes towards meeting the SDGs, is the fact that we do not use species in danger of extinction in our dishes, and our commitment to reducing plastic usage. So far we have reduced the use of plastic in our kitchen by 90%, replacing it with recycled materials.

Our relationship with CEMAS dates back several years, to 2017, when the Mayors’ Summit of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact took place at our venue, during which the creation of CEMAS was set out. The main aim of the organization is to lay the foundations for a sustainable food system in the city.