Published On: March 4 , 2020Categories: Corporate

Our food services team and our customers are working together on new culinary experiences

Our cuisine is all set for thrills on the grills

Stoves are hotting up to stir our customers’ senses in the near future

Our cuisine is one of the areas where we are bringing in strategies and new features so we can keep our customers satisfied once the Covid-19 pandemic is over and when recommended by the WHO.

We have written this post with our emotions running high and our hearts on our sleeve. Because cuisine continues to unite, excite and convey unique sensations.

The food services team at the Valencia Conference Centre is working flat out to offer a range of culinary experiences in the near future which will delight our customers and make them feel at home.


And how is it going to do that?

By showcasing our diet, the Mediterranean diet. We propose local foodstuffs, prioritising vegetables and fruit, and tailoring them to our traditional recipes and ones from abroad to cater for the current needs of our customers who are increasingly looking for healthier cuisine.

By presenting the food in an innovative and original way. The colourful symphony of the food, its texture in the mouth, its aromas and the contrast of flavours stimulate our customers’ senses. We serve quality food that is attractively presented so our customers enjoy and savour our dishes.

Networking and unique experiences in our building. We use the food market stands to encourage the public to go everywhere in the exhibition area and tour all the stands. This means delegates can interact better while they eat.

In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, our takeaway food packaging is made of recycled material and this is one of the many measures we will be introducing for future conferences. We are also reducing the amount of plastic we use in our food services by an estimated 98%.


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